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Cyrene Labs was created by doctors who have spent their careers evaluating and improving the metabolic health of their patients by carefully assessing the blood chemistry of 1000’s who experience metabolic challenges. Metabolic derangements, better known as metabolic subluxations™, plague our nation with poor health, immune compromise, weight gain, chronic disease, inflammation, pain, and more. The crisis is getting worse, and the medical profession has decided to be reactionary. Doctors do not have the time, know-how, or experience to lead their patients past the old advice of “eat right and exercise.” Lifestyle change and disease reversal is not their concern.

Health providers and coaches are aware that meaningful changes require a combination of targeted specific nutrition to address short-term goals along with comprehensive lifestyle changes. The best health coaches team up with clinicians of a like mind to order the proper tests and make targeted recommendations based on the objective.

Both providers and health coaches need quality products that can help move the needle and make changes that can be seen, felt, and measured. Cyrene Labs formulates products that are informed by science and clinical experience. Lifestyle change and targeted, specially formulated nutraceuticals together will always result in saving and improving lives.

Cyrene Labs offers providers and those in the health coach community products, services, and a network of relationships to get their clients moving in the right direction and helping them expand their reach with targeted solutions. You want your patients and clients to make informed decisions about using nutritional supplements to improve their performance, prevent and reverse disease without unnecessary ingredients.

We are a provider-driven company; we formulate our nutraceutical products for measurable, meaningful change. We recognize that your patient and client relationships should last a lifetime.

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