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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Christopher Brown

Chiropractic First in Tazewell, VA

Most new patients in my chiropractic practice get a complete wellness blood panel performed. Once I started using Cyrene labs products it became clear that these products are formulated to make an immediate difference in lab findings and ultimately how my patients feel.

Dr. Christopher Brown - Chiropractic First, Tazewell, VA

Dr. Nate Blume

Life Refined Chiropractic in Noblesville, IN

Removing nutritional interference with healing is a necessity these days. Products at Cyrene Labs target the most common deficiencies and metabolic derangements we see in practice every day.

Dr. Nate Blume -

Tammy Murphy, FDN

Owner, Golds Gym Newburgh, NY & Golds Gym Middletown, NY

The Metabolic Reset Kit (MRK) by Cyrene Labs has made it possible for me to bring dozens of clients through my online program with ease and consistency. This ‘metabolic systems’ based approach provides a complete tool that offers metabolic-based supplementation, nutritional guidance, meal planning, recipes, and accountability all in one place.

Tammy Murphy, FDN -

Dr. Peter Lombardi

Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida NY

 Avoiding disease, reducing dependence on medication, and restoring health naturally is the biggest challenge we have in our practice.  The products from Cyrene Labs together with the blood chemistry services at “Read It” allow me to remain a busy chiropractor addressing the physical and metabolic concerns of my patients.

Dr. Peter Lombardi -
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