Like most doctors, and specifically doctors of chiropractic, I chose a profession that could satisfy the dream of providing an invaluable service needed by so many while at the same time provide a good living for me and my family. The best of all worlds.

Nearly 25 years ago I began seeing patients with a simple, elegant message; to remove interference with nervous system function. For nearly all doctors of chiropractic, removing interference meant removing structural interference with nervous system function at the level of the spine.

The communities our profession serves have been increasingly bombarded with metabolic or bio-chemical insults for reasons too numerous to mention here, the likes of which we have never seen. My early experiences in practice seemed to mirror the experiences of those who came before me. Dramatic improvements in organic and visceral health was commonplace, only it quickly began to seem like the changes we expected were happening less and less as the years went by.

We have seen a trend of patients actually increasing medications rather than reducing them. The medications are increasingly being prescribed for chronic lifelong conditions, at younger and younger ages. In short, our communities are getting sicker.

I decided I had seen enough, I developed a passion to address the metabolic health needs of my patients. I have found that nearly all of the chronic diseases not being addressed properly by modern medicine could be reversed 100%. By simply adhering to natural principles unique to the holistic healing arts while adding subtle, yet aggressive interventions, we began to see remarkable changes. Our patients were getting off their medications and finally revealing their potential.

Being a lifelong learner, my background of 20+ years of postgraduate neurology training and hundreds of hours studying functional medicine, I knew what my patients needed. My practice quickly shifted from general chiropractic practice to a practice that required more time and attention to gathering metabolic health information from my patients and finding ways to hold them accountable for their responsibilities.

My traditional chiropractic practice was disappearing before my eyes. My services have always been in high demand, I was able to manage this shift without too much financial turmoil. The spinal care of my patients was turned over to my associate and I became a full-time functional medicine practitioner.

Steven G. Geanopulos DC, DACNB

Always being very active in my profession, I began to observe 2 important phenomena in the chiropractic profession. Doctors interested in addressing the rising health crisis happening in their practice and communities fell into two categories.

A. Doctors were inspired by the work I was doing, addressing metabolic interference, would pursue educational opportunities to get up and running in the fields of neurology and functional medicine.

B. Doctors who were busy, and passionate about their hard earned skill set of removing spinal/structural interference with nervous system function, saw an opportunity to quite literally ‘save more lives’ by referring my services into their practice for co-management. The results were astounding and the practice did not skip a beat, actually they saw a whole new source of patient referrals and revenue stream.

The doctors in group A quickly found that the level of commitment required for them to dive in to their education and the patient hours needed to gain enough experience to create a confident successful practice was more than they bargained for. These doctors had to choose between the financial distress of their traditional chiropractic practice going into decline, while pursuing the education and experience they needed to make the more ‘metabolic’ practice successful or provide a substandard level of metabolic care. No one would intentionally choose to provide substandard care.

The doctors in group B, seemed to have the best of both worlds since they were the heroes in their community to a whole new population and set of conditions they were attracting to their practice. When the lives of the patients I was leading through a ‘metabolic reset’ began to show up in the practice, the credit all went to the lead doctor who recognized the patients who needed my services.

Many of the patients being referred to me by my doctors, could be handled in a more simple fashion. I began to see patterns that I could teach the doctors to identify and place into one of several categories. Once the proper category was determined, a system could be put in place that would yield predictable results. This was the birth of Cyrene Labs, a company devoted to helping doctors, patients and communities reveal their potential.

Imagine the impact we could have on chronic health services in this country. The impact would be impossible to ignore. 75+% of all healthcare expenditure is for 3 categories of conditions. These 3 categories are permeating their way through your communities, your practices and your families. They are increasing and the pressure to get on a never ending regimen of medications is reaching a boiling point. No nation can afford what is happening right now.

3 health categories resulting in predictable conditions.

If we look at the top 3 causes of death in the US, in order of prevalence:

1- Cerebro cardiovascular disease. Including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, obesity and diabetes.

2- Cancer / Immunological dysfunction. All cancers, autoimmunity, chronic infections and toxicities.

3-Neurodegeneration/Dementia: Mostly Alzheimer’s disease and including Parkinson’s disease.

We have to recognize that the medical profession has made its choice. They are going to be reactionary. They have decided that prevention really means early detection and lifelong treatment. The medical profession quite frankly would do a very poor job if they wanted to address true prevention. Medical schools provide essentially zero education required to promote true prevention and change.


Ours is the only profession with the philosophy needed to affect true disease reversal, lifestyle change and true holistic health. We can no longer allow our patients to enter our offices with chronic diseases that are bankrupting our nation and slowly destroying our quality of living. Our patients with type 2 diabetes, taking insulin, high blood pressure pills, statin drugs and antidepressants to name a few are not getting off of their medication after they get adjusted by their chiropractor.

One day I asked myself, “If not us, then who?” who will save their lives, the answer is no one. There is no profession with the right education, philosophy, licensed scope of practice, numbers and experience more qualified than our profession.

There is no other profession ready willing and able to step in and remove interference with nervous system function. And no one is better equipped than the chiropractic profession. This can be done while maintaining the integrity of our practice, principle and profession.

We intend to start a movement that will make the chiropractic profession a recognizable force in reducing costs associated with chronic disease but more powerfully we will be known as a profession, through actually saving lives, that can alter the statistics of chronic disease and promote chronic health in any community.

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